Why the name: We as Artists ourselves noticed that there are a few 'Snakes' in the Industry constantly stealing from Bands and not giving them the forwarding perch that they deserve, we want to burn those snakes and allow bands to create leaving the required work to us!

The Snakes on Fire records has been developed for the musician, current trends have caused great difficulty in trust and development between new Artists and Record Labels, we hope to build that trust with you and take you to the next level.

We decided as previous Record Label owners that it is important to help as much as possible with funding and development of Artists as much as we can, we give you a flexible approach to your requirement at a budget that is suited to your investment.

We can offer as little or as much as you would like within this Label, there are opportunities for management and music packages, Global Advertising and Crowd We want to get a few bands on our side, to build a community once again and show others that the 'Band' is the forefront of any Label and that we are indeed setting fire to those snakes out there!

"We've now got everything we need, a Label to release our E.P in all formats, including vinyl, with no pressure, great communication and flexibility to focus on other things such as getting to the gig on time" Jim - Hedra

For any general enquiaries please email us at

Why Distribute us?
The Snakes on Fire are a small profit organisation focusing on independent Metal music from Europe, without the agreed Distribution from UK Record Stores the UK markets will steadily decline in this steadily increasing style of creative music Choosing the

Market Strategy
It is important for us to choose the correct Strategy to Market our music, smaller independent PR Companies can focus on the Individual releases on Social Media we choose UK based Companies for this reason.

In house Advertising
We work alongside the Employed Media Companies to interject with Marketing extras including Local Radio Play and area advertising according to Distribution reach. Group advertising will be scheduled through TSOF

Why we pick bands of Maturity
We as a Label only pick bands of a certain age or maturity, the reason being we want people that understand the need to continue to produce Albums, Major Labels are choosing one shot teenage bands which are very disposable, we want our Label to continue to pursue the same Artists for years to come. We as a Label think itís important for these bands to be Distributed using the same agreed scheduling formats each time they choose another released format.

As a relatively new Company we have a small number of reviews regarding the Label, we hope that Distribution will help our Label to grow as a UK Industry

For sure always there will be a challenge in building trust and finding the proper balance between the interest of Artists and Labels since all of them want to get some benefits from this collaboration. The Snakes on Fire seems to have a right approach of this issue.

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